Gifts are not always physical. Gifts could be thoughts, time outs, smiles, a touch, a thank you or even a listening ear.A Nirvana Touch voucher gives you the opportunity to spoil someone you love, be it a colleague or a friend, everyone deserves a time out from time to time.Getting a Nirvana Touch Voucher is quite […]

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Massage Treatments

Nirvana Touch offers a full list of massage treatments for relaxation, or for more in depth sports massage treatment.

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Nirvana touch offers a safe and effective method of removing unwanted facial and body hair, using heated wax. 

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Heal Your Life Sessions

Nirvana Touch is now offering Heal Your Life Sessions, based on the philosophies of Louise Hay.

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Meet Jacinta Nair

Jessie’s passion is Nirvana Touch. The greatest part of it, to help those through her skill of massaging, which in turn drives her love for her business. Her main areas of interest lies in upper back, shoulder and neck muscle problems as well as lower back, hamstring, quads, gluteal, calf and ankle pain. Nirvana Touch services corporate as well as private clients, with an experienced team supporting her.


Lumka Majola
Thank you very much for being my teacher through the You Can Heal Your Life curriculum, Jacintha. The 10 sessions spent together were invaluable in my journey of personal transformation. Thank you for your professionalism and the care that you took to prepare for each session so that you could facilitate my healing expertly. Your choice of the most befitting exercises and how you challenged me out of my comfort zone in order to connect with my authentic emotions was exemplary. Watching you grow in your confidence with the facilitation process was most heart-warming. Your understanding and allowing.....your non-judgmental, authentic approach allowed me to easily open up and share my history and limiting beliefs without fear. Your respect of where I was on my path allowed me to expand my consciousness with limited resistance. Thank you for your openness and sharing your own inspiring journey with me. You truly are a great ambassador of the Louise Hay Philosophy. May your vision of touching many more lives with this work unfold and be realised. Thank you very much for all your time, love, care and attention.
Shauneen ProcterIdea Engineers
If you wish to give yourself the ultimate gift, Jessie is your (wo)man! Or if you’re feeling magnanimous, give someone a treat. Jess has magic hands, and that petite frame belies superhuman strength! You have been warned ? - and you won’t find better. Thank you Jess for your extraordinary fixing / soothing / healing massages to 40+ engineers every Monday.